Celebrating know-how

The Zehnder Group (Zehnder, Acova, Runtal and Paul) is moving to its new headquarters in Courcouronnes. To showcase its know-how and values, the  group is incorporating an innovative exhibition hall in the building. Designed and completed under the direction of Carré noir, the exhibition breaks down into several closely linked parts.

A central core, the brands throughout

The core of the showroom presents the values and the centres of interest that are common to the group as a whole: comfort, air purity, health, energy efficiency, etc.

The various brands are present throughout this central visit, each with its own strengths and highlights: the variety of models and colours for Acova, design for Runtal, global solutions for Zehnder, etc.

A lively, themed layout

A variety of exhibits work together to get the message across. In an industry that is little accustomed to such installations, the models, multimedia and other custom exhibits make for a striking impression.

Zehnder Showroom

Permanent exhibition


Client: Carré noir for the Zehnder Group

Permanent Exhibition


Zehnder Showroom, Courcouronnes

350 m2

Client: Carré noir for the Zehnder group

Exhibition design and graphics: Je formule

Our contribution: script concept and writing, design and production of exhibits and multimedia


>> This model comes to life through the use of light tubes and an integrated screen.

> General view of the entrance. The core of the group is manifested in white and is recurrent throughout the exhibits and their themes.