Permanent exhibition


RTE Showroom, Lille

300 m2

Client: Groupe W for RTE

Exhibition design and graphics: Je formule

Our contribution: script concept and writing, scenography, production of multimedia, oversight through completion.

One exhibition, several innovations

After a renovation that led to the launch of a “smart” electrical substation, The French transmission system operator Réseau de Transport de l’Electricité was ready to communicate on a number of innovations developed over the past few years.

The Nord region has seen unprecedented development of wind power. There, more than anywhere else, the transmission network must adapt to the unpredictable nature of renewable energies. The first part of the showroom presents the core missions of RTE and its wide-reaching network. The second part explains in greater detail how the smart substation at Blocaux actually works.

Original scenography and exhibits

The exhibits combine models, graphics, and 3D films and images. In particular, some of the models are animated using multimedia to illustrate realistic case studies. One simplified model of the substation reveals its mysteries using touch tablets and the principle of augmented reality.

RTE Showroom

Permanent exhibition


Client: W group for RTE

LILLE 2015

<< Model of urban environment

< Transparent model on an 82” screen. The small translucent models are linked and animated according to the exhibit script.