Where science meets fiction

Temporary exhibition

5 April - 6 November 2006

Grande Galerie de l’Évolution, MNHN, Paris, France

1,000 m2 - 300,000 visitors

Design: Sacha Mitrofanoff, MNHN Paris

Our contribution: Scenography, Production, together with Patrick Absalon and the exhibitions department, MNHN

Temporary exhibition

2005 - 2006

Client:     Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

               & Conseil général de la Moselle

A cross-cutting, timeless theme

A subject at once scientific, historic, artistic… and mysterious, the dragon has fascinated a number of civilisations since ancient times. Its origins are multiple and hard to trace.

This exhibition aims to present the dragon, its tales and its avatars in a serious light, despite the smiles such a theme provokes in our modern world. The goal is to lead the public to an understanding of the diversity of legends and the fundamental significance of the all-too-often neglected relationship between science and the imagination.

A narrative, heritage exhibition

The exhibition explores the major cultures in which the mythical beast has played a role of utmost importance: Ancient Greece; Christian Europe, Persia, China and Indonesia. Through numerous artworks, valuable historical documents and exceptional natural history collections, Dragons takes us on a journey through our imaginations.

The exhibition begins by proposing a definition of this hybrid, reptilian creature by linking it to the four elements. It then explores the symbolic nature of the beast through its various functions as the incarnation of nature and social rites pertaining to it.

The exhibition was presented in April 2007 at the Musée de la Civilisation in Quebec, before beginning a three-year tour of North America.

>> Premiere showing of Dragons at the medieval castle of Malbrouck.

> An exhibit evoking the various forms embodied by dragons throughout the world.

PARIS 2006

Temporary exhibition

15 April - 31 October 2005 

Malbrouck Castle, Manderen, France

800 m2 - 156,000 visitors

Design: Philippe Kauffmann agency, Paris

Our contribution: Scenography, Production, together with Patrick Absalon