Temporary exhibition


Porte de Versailles exhibition park

600 m2

Producer: Encore B

Exhibition and graphics design: Je formule

Exhibits and fabrication : Atelier Pennaneach

Film: Les chevreaux suprématistes

Our contribution: script concept & writing, scenography, production and on-site installation

A spectacular learning experience

This exhibition arose from a meeting with exhibition and show producer Pascal Bernardin. His desire to further enhance his spectacular exhibitions by adding a first part steeped in culture resonated with our desire to reach an even broader public with events that are as exciting as they are enriching.

The keys to understand dragons

Once past the massive gates, the first room proposes a definition of the dragon through a poetic film, all in plays of shadow. Visitors then discover the origins of the dragon, in terms of time and geography. They continue on the trail of the creature through cabinets of curiosity, and discover its symbolism.

Armed with this knowledge, visitors can venture into the second part, where they come face to face with realistic, animated dragons, some over ten meters long.


Temporary exhibition


Production : Encore B

PARIS 2017

<  Evoking the curiosity cabinets of old in which dragons featured prominently !