A network of talented, efficient collaborators:

Estelle Maugras is a graphic artist and photographer. She excels in creating logos, graphic identity and graphics for exhibitions, working hand in hand with the exhibition designers to ensure overall coherence. Having assimilated a number of cultural and artistic references, she also contributes to enriching the team’s scenography with her poetic touch.

Together, Estelle and Juliette created the company Je formule.

Gilles Pennaneac’h is an artist who puts his gift in the service of education. The displays and installations he invents with his team often illustrate a point far better than computer generated imagery. Whatever material he has to work with, however difficult it may seem to get off the ground, the solutions he comes up with are always fresh and new.

Dominique Tissot is a display specialist assembler with expertise in handling precious objects and in presenting items like diamonds and pearls in their best light.

David Rupp is an architect and draftsman. He joins the team when it comes to museum enclosure design or to adding an artistic touch to displays thanks to his drawings and paintings.

Contact :

Frédérik Canard, manager

16 bis avenue Weber 93 500 Pantin, France

Tel. : + 33 9 50 87 75 51

Mobile : + 33 6 07 37 89 66


SARL au capital de 10 000 €

R.C.S. Bobigny 507 647 451 SIRET 507 647 451 00016

La Plume et le Plomb proposes ready-made exhibitions. Our company takes charge of production every step of the way, from concept to installation. This gives museums the opportunity to show sensational exhibitions, while mobilizing only minimal teams. Museums can thus dedicate their resources to organizing the loans and monitoring progress with their scientific committees.

When we run the full production, you save time and money. All decisions can be taken quickly, and the museum deals with only one contractor.

Juliette Dupuy is a designer and graphic artist. She is a graduate of the ESAG school of graphics arts and interior architecture in Paris. She works in a variety of fields, from events communication to cultural and scientific exhibitions.

Louis de Torhout is a sculptor and model-maker. His cast and painted models of fruits and vegetables, and shellfish and other molluscs are surprisingly life-like.

Julien Norwood and Delphine Zigoni are naturalist illustrators. Familiars of the Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle, with several books to their credit, their drawings are as pleasing to the eye as they are scientifically accurate.

Christian Creutz is a photographer. His highly specific visual records are a regular feature of our exhibitions. His use of stereoscopic or panoramic photography provides a unique point of view, whether it be of expansive landscapes or architectural detailing. He also works with animation to enhance visitor understanding of topics.